Friday -  January 12 -  Morning

Day 1 Venue

The activities on the first day will take place in the auditorium of the Faculty of Ciencias Químicas, Físicas y Matemáticas. To help you find your way, here is the Google Maps link to the venue:

9h30 / 10h - Opening

10h / 10h45 Keynote talk 

Manuel Correia, "An extension of Aristotelian propositional modal logic without possible worlds"

10h45 / 11h 15  Contributing talk  

Duncan Richter, "Logical Aliens, Ethics and Religion"

11h15 / 11h30 Coffee break  

11h30 / 12h00 Contributing talk 

Mauricio Osorio-Galindo,  Alfonso Garcés-Báez and Aurelio López, "A many-valuedlogic intended to model silence"

12h00 /  12h30 Contributing talk

Bradley Armour-Garb  and   James A. Woodbridge, "That’s Just How it Is: Properties, Deflationism, and Non-Nominal Quantification"

12h30 / 13h00 Contributing talk  

Benjamin Murphy, "The Concept of Intuitive Validity"

Friday -  January 12 - Afternoon

14h30 / 15h15 Keynote talk   

Pedro Zambrano, "Quantale-valued model theory and set theory"

15h15 / 15h45 Contributing talk

Marcos Antonio Alves, "Una semántica informativa para consequencia lógica

15h45 / 15h15 Contributing talk

Luis Felipe Bartolo Alegre, "Topic-Neutrality, Monism, and Pluralism in Logic"

16h15 / 16h30 Coffee break  

16h30 / 17h00 Contributing talk 

Paul Eduardo Femenia and Rodolfo Rodrigo, "Una lógica a partir de la contradicción ontológica en aristóteles"

17h00 /  17h30 Contributing talk 

 Rafael Félix Mora Ramirez, "Conocimientos lógicos y taller de enseñanza en alumnos de centros educativos de nivel escolar de Lima-Perú del 2023"

17h30 / 18h00 Contributing talk  

Jean Christian Egoavil, "Juan Espinoza Medrano, el Lunarejo, y Jerónimo de Valera: propuestas lógicas desarrolladas en el virreinato peruano. Siglo XVII" 

19h Cocktail Party at Hotel Prisma

Saturday -  January 13Morning

Day 2 Venue 

Paraninfo Universitario, Plaza de Armas of the City

9h30 / 10h15 Keynote talk   

Jasmin Özel, "Antilogism in Ladd-Franklin"

10h15 / 10h45 Contributing talk   

Nina Auras, "Hegel’s critique on language formalization"

10h45 / 11h15 Contributing talk  

Ulrich Meyer, "Against Impossibilia"

11h15 / 11h30 Coffee break  

11h30 / 12h00 Contributing talk  

Santiago Jockwich and Andrés Trujillo, "On Inconsistent Mereology"

12h00 / 12h30 Contributing talk  

Esteban Echanizil, "Un Esbozo de Lógica Aymara: Fundamentos y Validez"

Saturday -  January 13 - Afternoon

14h30 / 15h15 Keynote talk  

Carolyn Talcott, "Rewriting modulo constraints: proof methods for verifying rewriting logic models of cyberphysical systems"

15h15 / 15h45 Contributing talk 

Euclides Torres Ometto Stolf, "Chaitin incompleteness and Fixed Point"

15h45 / 16h 15 Coffee break  

16h15 / 16h45 Contributing talk 

Aldo Frigerio,"Retrogradation of truth and omniscience"

16h45 /  17h15 Contributing talk  

Gustavo Henrique Damiani dos Santos, "Contingent Identity: The Holy Trinity as Counterparts of God"

17h15 / 18h00 Keynote talk 

 Philip Welch, "Free subsets of first order structures"

19h Dinner at Hotel Prisma 

Sunday -  January 14 - Morning

Day 3 Venue 

Paraninfo Universitario, Plaza de Armas of the City

10h00 / 12h00 World Logic Day Celebration  

Round Table with Jean-Yves Beziau, Luis Felipe Alegre, Jasmin Özel, Juan Redmond, Philip Welch

Sunday -  January 14 - Afternoon

15h00 / 18h00 Excursion in Cusco  and around

Monday -  January 15 -  Morning

Day 4 Venue 

Auditorium of the Faculty of Social Sciences:

9h30 /  10h15 Keynote talk  

Juan Redmond, "Logic and Hypothesis: the history of a misunderstanding"

10h15 / 10h45 Contributing talk  

André Coggiola, "Deductive systems based on tableaux: implication and co-implication."

10h45 / 11h15 Contributing talk  

Waldo Valenzuela Zea, "La permanencia de la lógica inka como conocimiento en el pensamiento andino actual"

11h15 / 11h30 Coffee break  

11h30 / 12h00 Contributing talk  

Gino Gustavo Maqui Huamán, "Introduction to fuzzy logic"

12h00 /  12h30 Contributing talk  

 Jorge Alberto Molina, "Logica y geometria en los comienzos de la edad moderna"

12h30 / 13h00 Contributing talk  

Til Eyinck, "Formal Epistemology From a Microcosm: Studying Sudoku as an Epistemic Case"

Monday -  January 15 - Afternoon

14h30 /  15h15 Keynote talk  

Jean-Yves Beziau, "Contradiction, Paraconsistency and Universal Logic"

15h15 / 15h45 Contributing talk  

Melisa Vivanco, "Formal Epistemology From a Microcosm: Studying Sudoku as an Epistemic Case"

15h45 / 16h15 Contributing talk  

Marcia Pinheiro, "The Most Encompassing Absolute (How to fit Language into the constraints of Logic)"

16h15 / 16h 30 Coffee break  

16h30 / 17h00 Contributing talk  

Manuel Sierra-Aristizábal, "Lógicas Dobles con Gráficos Existenciales Paraconsistentes y Paracompletos""

17h00 /  17h30 Contributing talk  

Maurício Kritz, "Blurring Fences"

17h30 /  18h00 Contributing talk  

Elia Zardini, "Paradox and Substructurality"

18h00 / 18h30 Closing Session